Stelinscki Sophie


Hoho! The Maze Runner Cast! Who msde this photo?! I need to kiss that human:)

You know guys, Dylan is my old&good friend. So, found that photo in the phone. Dylan, u’re as always:) #2010 #sea

Oh, @hollandroden I miss u

Ideal chairs for @arden_cho &@i_love_harveys

@tylerl_hoechlin u’ve perfect smile. #FuckOffTime that what’s new. This is one of my Fuck Off Time photo:)

Ideal photo. @dylansprayberry and Comic Con 2014:) My best photo from the event:) #CC2014

@justinbieber u’re very good model! James is very good photographer! Thank u guys<3 #YoungHollywoodAwards2014

Yeey!!! Young Hollywood Awards is over and I wasn’t there… It’s a pity. I can’t made a some of shots. But James did some photos for me! Jay, thank you so much:)

New poster#2 to #TheMazeRunnerMovie

New poster to #TheMazeRunnerMovie

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